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Most Popular Kawaii Cartoon Animal Characters

Most Popular Kawaii Cartoon Animal Characters

What cartoon animal types are popular with kawaii fans today?

Kawaii is a mixed bag of anime, cartoons, characters, and real-life cute animals. Most of the kawaii stuff that is popular has animals printed on it. Be it panda, bear, bunny or cat. And no doubt looking at cute animals is therapy. So why not have them on your stuff as an instant cheering-up device.

Some of the most popular animal characters found on kawaii products are:


In Japan,they are called harinezumi (Hari = needle, nezumi = a mouse). Hedgehogs are nicknamed Harry. And in Osaka, there are hedgehog-themed cafes with pet hedgehogs to play with and cuddle. Hedgehog-shaped plushies are also pretty popular among kawaii fans.


Not just kung-fu pandas but in general pandas are utterly cute. Having pandas-shaped water bottles or panda printed sheets, even cutlery is just another level of kawaii. The animal is itself very cuddly and chubby that you just want to hug it.


The most famous cat character that kawaii fans are obsessed with is HELLO KITTY. This character is found on bedsheets, spirals, pens, water bottles, lunch boxes, and everything. And why not? After-all, Hello Kitty is the ultimate kawaii symbol. Other than that, cats are really cute. They are just a cute furball that is cuddly and so loveable.


Squirrels exuberates innocence. When it just holds a peanut and munch on it, it looks so cute. Therefore, squirrels are also very popular among kawaii fans. The artwork of squirrels is printed on different items whether household or stationary.


Rabbit plushies, converse, power banks, pillows, and many other products can be found popular among kawaii fans. Rabbits are the ultimate cute animals and their statement ears and cute butt is always found printed// sculpted on different products. Even Harajuku girls wear rabbit ears headbands and rabbit-themed costumes.


Again, bears are popular because of their ears. The cute bear cartoon characters are loved by many kawaii fans. Having mugs shaped like a bear, or bedsheets and stationery, kawaii fans love it all.


If you live with a baby, you would already know the infamous Peppa pig. But not only it is quite common among toddlers but also kawaii fans. Cute ginea pig plushies and other different items can be found in stores catering to kawaii fans.


Dogs are no doubt cute and utterly loyal. Even non kawaii fans would agree that dogs are cute and cuddly. But among kawaii fans different dog characters are quite famous and can be found plastered on man products. Even on beauty products and household items.

Kawaii fans really like to decorate their own world with products and items that hold a cuteness to them and naturally animals are tthe cutest characters on earth after babies. A lot of animals can’t be kept as pet but having stationery and household items with cute characters on them makes up for it a bit. Like tigers, elephants, bears, and

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